Established in 2005, Mertmak is one of the most important firearms and choke tubes manufacturer and exporter in Turkey.

Starting with the production of choke tubes, our company story proceed with the production of semi automatic shotguns and pump-action shotguns in 2008, potating magazine shotguns towards 2016.  With its wide machine park and control mechanism formed as a result of its investments in a short time, Mertmak offers its “high quality and high security” products to the world hunters.  Mertmak company, which has adopted the quality as a principle, always keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing at world standards with its continuously developing production line. Until today, it has proven itself by exporting its products to many different countries, especially to the USA.

Our primary mission is to bring our quality and affordable products together with the world hunters. In line with this mission, we guarantee that we will stand by you, our precious hunter friends, with the understanding of Hunting Is A Passion, Huntsmanship Is A Life Style“.

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